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Ethiraj College became autonomous in the year 1999. It is affiliated to the University of Madras and it is free to frame its own syllabus to adopt innovative methods of teaching and evaluation. The students passing the examinations held by the college are conferred degrees by the University of Madras with the name of the college also indicated on the degree issued to them.


  • Choice Based Credit System
  • Wide choice in subjects
  • Attendance is mandatory
  • Improved and transparent paper valuations
  • Timely publication of results
  • Departments will have the freedom to adapt or adjust the syllabus according to needs
  • Periodical changes in syllabus are advantageous in the changing educational scenario
  • Wide range of elective subjects helps the students
  • Well-maintained discipline
  • Improved student-teacher interaction
  • Seminars and assignments to build confidence in the student
  • Separate classes for beginners and advanced students in the Foundation Courses
  • Students have the opportunity to learn an additional language
  • Several Certificate and skill based courses are offered for the benefit of students
  • Students are aware of semester and continuous assessment examination dates well in advance
  • Projects and internships being implemented at U.G and P.G level
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